What is Discipleship?

A disciple is a learner, a pupil, one who comes to be taught.  Being a disciple of Christ means more than just asking Christ into our heart, and it goes far beyond baptism.  That is just the beginning of a lifelong journey, as we seek to know what God would have us be and do.  Studying God’s word is central to a life of discipleship.  At First Baptist of Puyallup we come together to ask questions and to share our thoughts as we study the Bible.  There are children classes and two adult classes on Sunday mornings.  One adult class studies the individual books of the Bible.  The other class discusses topics related to Christian life.

Sunday Morning Discipleship Class for all ages start at 9AM

8 to 15 The World Is Small Than You Think

On average, each of us has 8 to 15 people, whom God has supernaturally and strategically placed in our world so that He might use us to show them then His love.  Join us Sunday mornings at 9:00 to learn more about this principle.  The Greeks used one word to describe this personal world – OIKOS or extended household.  We will be studying Tom Mercer’s book 8 to 15, The World is Smaller Than You Think.

Study of Acts

Join us in our journey through the Book of Acts, with occasional side trips into topics suggested by the Scripture, like ‘speaking in tongues’ and ‘the gifts of the Spirit’.

Children’s Classes – God Is Faithful

We have loving, kind and gentle teachers who are thrilled to be assisting you in leading your kids closer to life with God. All of our children’s classes are learning about the bible using Answers Bible Curriculum, from Answers In Genesis Ministry. This material has been designed to present the Good News of Jesus, beginning in Genesis. During this quarter students will cover topics including the Flood, The Tower of Babel, Abraham and Isaac.

Midweek Bible Study, Wednesday nights at 6:00 PM

Adult Bible Study at First Baptist Church: This adult study group studies the bible in depth, passage by passage with the understanding that God’s word changes lives. In their time together, the group finds out what God has intended for each and all of us for our lives with Him. The leader, Becky Sullivan, brings with Her a passionate faith in Christ. The group is comprised of new and mature believers, and is accessible in understanding for all adults and teenagers.