What are Study Groups?

Becoming a Christian is the beginning of a lifelong journey, seeking to know what God would have us be and do. Studying God’s Word is central to the life of everyone who has asked Jesus to be Lord. At First Baptist of Puyallup we come together to ask questions and to share our thoughts as we study the Bible. There are children classes and adult classes on Sunday mornings. And there are opportunities to study at church and at homes during the week. Find a group that meets your busy schedule. It is the surest way to find direction for your life and to find friends to last a lifetime.

Groups for all ages

9:00 Sunday Morning

Bags of Love
Children’s group activity filling bags of groceries from our food closet. These bags are distributed through Karshner Elementary School, in partnership with PTA and Community in Schools.

Adult Bible Learners
This is an adult group interested in an in-depth study of the books of the Bible with emphasis on the continuity of God’s message throughout.

11:30 Sunday Morning

Children’s Sunday School
Classes for all ages nursery through sixth grade.

Youth Group
Class for seventh grade through twelfth grade.

Living Faith
Adult study usually exploring a Bible topic. This is a discussion style class lead by various teachers.

Quarterly STEP Classes
Four Sundays out of the year the four STEP classes are offered. These are designed to propel your spiritual journey as your grow in your relationship with Christ. The four classes are:

STEP 1 – Knowing
This class focuses on our relationship with Christ and His church. It covers essentials such as core doctrines, baptism, and membership. If you are new, have questions, or just want to get better connected with God and His people–this is a great first step.

STEP 2 – Growing
This class discusses Four Biblical Practices that mark the lives of growing believers. It offers practical HOW-TOs for those who want to build these habits into their own lives, as they grow in their relationship with God.

STEP 3 – Serving
This class explores how God has individually “shaped” us to fulfill His plan. It looks at our Spiritual Gifts, Passions, Abilities, Temperament, and Experiences–giving us a fresh look at how we have been “created in Christ to do good works.”

STEP 4 – Sharing
This class provides the tools and training to make us more effective as “ambassadors” for Christ. If you want to gain the skills of sharing your faith and giving a compelling testimony, this learning experience is right for you.

Mid-week Groups

Wednesday Nights

Women’s Bible Study
Meets at the church every other Wednesday night at 6:00. This is a discussion style group for women of all ages.

Diggers Study
Meets at the church every other Wednesday night, opposite the Women’s Study, at 7:00. This is a discussion style group for all adults.

Friday Nights

Lifers Bible Study
Meets every other Friday night at the home of Vince and Patty Frazier. This discussion group for adults of all ages begins at 7:00 pm. Call (253) 495-2405 for directions.